At The Turkish American Business Network our mission is simple: we empower each other through desirable friendships that produce quality business from a variety of meaningful and productive events.


Turkish American Business Network membership is a privilege and brings with it the responsibility to understand and commit to the following membership undertakings. Our members declare to accept these values and principles in its entirety.


Be truthful, accurate, and straightforward. Be candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.


 Make only realistic commitments and follow through on the commitments you make. Be prompt and responsive in all business dealings.


Maintain consistency between your beliefs and your behavior. Have the courage to contend boldly for that which is right and reject firmly that which is wrong.


 Respect the dignity, rights, safety, and personal property of others. Be open to the ideas and the opinions of others. Exercise patience and remain positive under all circumstances. Pursuit of


Endeavor to be reasonable, open-minded, impartial, even-handed, and non-discriminatory in all of your dealings.

Maintain, without deviation, an attitude of sincerity, tolerance, consideration, and assistance toward others, regardless of their position or title.


Consistently apply diligence, perseverance, attention to detail to ensure high quality business relationships. Never accept complacency or indifference. Remain flexible and open to possibilities.


Comply with all governmental laws, rules, and regulations. Show consideration for the safety and the welfare of everyone. Be aware of the impact we have on the natural environment by consistently evaluating and improving our efforts to live in harmony with the environment. Cultivate business relationships that actively encourage us to be the best of who we are and continuously strive to make a difference in our communities and the world.